Made in Ukraine: A sign that distinguishes domestic goods The “Made in Ukraine” project was created to strengthen consumer confidence in Ukrainian products and distinguish them from foreign competitors. This initiative is a significant step towards developing domestic production and strengthening the country’s domestic economy, especially in times of need. That is why understanding the […]
Today, 40% of packaging and label printing worldwide is digital, and this figure is projected to grow to 60% in the next decade. Traditional offset and flexographic printing is gradually losing its demand, so we can confidently talk about the rapid trend of transition from analog to digital production. According to Finat Radar, label purchases […]
On August 6, 2019, the Law №2639-VIII “On Information for Food Consumers” was enacted in Ukraine, which established new requirements for informing consumers about food products. The document brought Ukrainian legislation in line with the provisions, regulations and directives of the European Union. The law applies to food market operators and food products for public […]
The efficient use of forest resources and optimization of accounting require the introduction of new specialized equipment. Thanks to high-quality equipment, we can quickly and efficiently regulate the harvesting of timber and secondary forest materials. Prime offers reliable equipment that is recognized by foresters across Europe. We have mobile devices that have been tested in […]
A label printer is a device that prints barcodes and other text or graphic elements on special self-adhesive and conventional ribbons. To choose the right printer, you need to pay attention to certain characteristics of the device. The main questions you need to know the answers to before you start choosing a printer: How many […]
Before proceeding with the label order, you need to answer several questions. By answering them, you will get your ideal label that will fully meet your needs. The primary question: Under what conditions will the label be used? If the product is stored at certain temperatures, for example, subject to heat treatment (freezing), a thermal […]
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