Label printers

A thermal transfer label, like a thermal label, has the main advantage that the necessary information can be quickly printed on the spot where it is needed and information that changes frequently can be entered. To print thermal transfer labels, you use a thermal transfer printer (e.g., the model on the left) or a universal printer (e.g., the model on the right). Universal printers are suitable for printing both thermal and thermal transfer labels.

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Check printers

The receipt printer (thermal printer) is a compact device that is ideal for the restaurant, hotel, and retail industries. Standard sizes of cash register tape: 80mm*75m and 57mm*20m.

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Barcode scanners

This device can be found in any modern store, and it greatly simplifies the entry of product data. If you do not use a scanner and enter all the data manually, this will not only lead to a number of errors, but also increase the time it takes to serve one customer. As soon as the scanning of the product is completed, the system displays the following data about the product:

  • full name of the product
  • the cost of the product;
  • possible discounts.
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Data collection terminals

Data collection terminal (DCT) – devices designed to collect data about goods instantly. They are mainly used for warehouse inventory, accounting for the receipt or consumption of goods, etc.; organization of on-site (mobile) trade; in the field of services with a visit to the client (logistics, courier delivery, warehouse).

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